Bellevue West Little League Discount on 2019 Summer Camps

Our camps are designed for the 14 and younger athlete

Brad Peterson Baseball Camps offer the best skill development training coupled with scientifically proven techniques and safety. We provide specific check points for each skill, giving participants the confidence to self-correct their fundamentals. These strategies work for players of all ages and ability levels and are used by college and professional players.

What sets our camps apart is our mental dynamics program. Realizing that successful people make great players, we work with participants to become mentally strong and great citizens. We stress manners, goal setting, self-image development, leadership, focus, relaxation, and emotional control. The feedback from parents on the impact of these exercises in phenomenal.

Baseball and Life Skills Camps 2019

Our baseball camps offer the best skill development with scientifically proven techniques used by all successful high school, college and professional players. Players are given a proven set of fundamentals for each skill thus allowing them specific checkpoints to work on to be successful on and off the field.

Another aspect of our camps that set them apart from all others is our mental dynamics program. We have players take part in exercises as Manners exercise, Goal Setting, Self-Image Development, Leadership, Relaxation, Focus and Concentration, and Emotional Control.

The feedback from parents on the impact of these exercises is phenomenal.

June 24-June 28Newcastle: Risdon Middle School
July 1-July5Redmond: Redmond High School
July 15-July 19Newcastle: Risdon Middle School
July 22-July 26Renton: McKnight Middle School
July 29-Aug 2Redmond: Redmond Middle School
Aug 5-Aug 9Kirkland: Juanita High School
August 19-23Newcastle: Risdon Middle School

Cost: $99.00
All camps are Monday-Friday: 10:00am-4:00pm with 1-hour lunch campers bring.


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